About Me

I remember when I first started my journey.  I was constantly searching for how to begin … what gear to buy … training plans.  Ultimately, the best guidance came from others that had done it.  I created this site in hopes that it might provide you with that guidance to succeed.



My story is simple, I discovered triathlon late in life.  I was 44 and one year into my journey to become healthier.  I had conquered my goal to run a 5k and was pursuing a half marathon.  A running injury sidelined me and a friend suggested I try a spinning class or swimming to maintain my endurance.  Turns out I loved it!



My original goal of a half marathon became a training milestone, and eventually lead to my first olympic distance triathlon a year later.  That was not enough, though.  The next year I spectated some friends participating in Ironman Lake Placid.  Seeing them cross that finish line did it for me … I had to do it!  Not to keep pace.  No, this was for ME!  Something inside me wanted to know just how far I could push my body.  I needed to know that I could do anything I set out to do.  A year later, with help from some amazing friends, I did it!


I have since crossed the finish line of seven Full Ironman triathlons and a handful of Half Ironmans as well.  Now I want to share my passion with you.


~ Kevin


First 5k 2013
IMMD 2016